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Two types of Dreams

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

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Last night while I was in the shower (where all great ideas come) I was listening to Lauryn Hill’s album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. Track no.4 ‘Zion’ came on with the guitar strumming, the lyrics can be found here.


The song is titled after her first born son (Zion) and follows the theme of choice. The choice of giving and nurturing a new life or the choice of nurturing an already successful and exploding music career. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill went on to receive 10 Grammy nominations, winning 5 in total and selling 19 million copies world wide.


Since that time Lauryn has been semi retired and the world of music (especially hip hop)  not only lost a great artist but someone that added diversity and value to the genre. It was like small piece of integrity was gone and has never been replaced.   I say integrity because her album was beautiful, it was about real issues, things that mattered, story telling and parables through song. It was poetry (listen to album for yourself).


It’s hard to find album with the same themes today; there are less people willing to speak the truth about their own reality and their dreams.  Which is the topic that I want to bring up today.



A dream
Firstly let’s define what a dream is. In this context a dream is a desired future state which hasn’t yet been realised.  Commonly these can be around:

  • Material items, things that we want
    Wanting to possess physical items on a grand scale  
  • How we are perceived
    Wanting to be admired and appreciated  for a particular skill or talent
  • Being in a better position
    Wanting to have easier and more enjoyable lifestyle 


Such dreams are usually depicted as being a little selfish but they don’t need to be if they have the right intent.  Spending too much time fantasying about your dreams without a plan for its attainment can lead you to be close to delusional…

Despite whether your dreams are selfish or selfless (or something in the middle), when there is no plan your dreams fall into the two clear categories or two types of dreams.



Two type of dreams
There are two type of dreams that we all have:

One is used to escape our current reality, the other has the potential to change our reality.

One denies our current state, the other uses it as a catalyst for change.

One (dream) is superficial the other is significant.

One is fantasy the won’t come true, the other comes to fruition with time and perseverance. 



The altruistic path 
A better dream is something that is a little harder to obtain, where the road map and steps to take are not so obvious. It is a path that you do not follow but pave for yourself. If you were to use Maslow’s hierarchy we would be moving towards the higher levels around esteem and self actualization. Its the altruistic path.

As our lives continue to get busier, through our growing work commitments, family and other personal pursuits; just like Lauryn we may find out that we do not have room for both…